The Georgia Association for Nursing Education, Inc. (GANE) would like to welcome you to our website! We are glad to have you visit, and we hope that you will decide to join us in our efforts to provide all nursing educators in the state of Georgia with opportunities to influence and improve nursing education, impact practice and improve health care for the citizens of Georgia, promote nursing research, and collaborate with other health care disciplines and organizations as we seek to meet these objectives.

GANE is comprised of a Board of Directors from all across the state. Board meetings are held approximately every month. Elections for the positions are held annually, and terms are staggered to promote continuity from year to year. There are regional directors for each region of the state of Georgia. Each director works with colleges and universities, technical programs and hospitals and health care agencies to provide news and information on a regular basis. You will find contact information for the Board of Directors on our website.

GANE hosts an annual conference each year to provide an opportunity for all nursing educators to come together and network in an environment, which supports teaching excellence. Keynote speakers address topics of interest, and other educators are selected from across the state and invited for podium or poster presentations

Newsletters are distributed twice each year, and articles and information are solicited from all members and regional representatives. The newsletters help us to keep members updated regarding significant happenings in each section of the state.

There are eight state committees, which support the work of the Board of Directors: Program Planning, Awards, Bylaws, Finance, Marketing and Public Relations, Nominating, Scholarship, and Strategic Planning. These committees and their memberships are also posted on the website. New members are always needed and appreciated! If you have an interest in being a part of a specific committee, please contact us.

GANE is a growing organization, and we hope that you will want to join and grow with us! Any member of the Board would be glad to talk with you about membership, and about how we might utilize your special talents to work with a dynamic group of individuals. So please, become a member! We will look forward to working with each of you.