February 2016 Annual Board Minutes


Committee Name: GANE  Annual Meeting
Date: February 19, 2016
Meeting Time



Jekyll Island

Board Members Present:


Members Present

Ann Hallock, Margie Johnson, Rhonda Slocumb, Susan Ashford, Donna Ingram, Pauline Nelson,  Christy Dent, Debbie Amason,

Opal Schlict, Susan Welch, Lourdes Cody, Terri Worthy, Mel Buck, Germika Brandon, Pam Mahan, Ellen Elder, Elizabeth Boatwright, Sharron Chalmers.

See conference registration – no sign-in sheet- no votes taken at meeting

Members Excused: Helen Taggart
Recorder: Debbie Amason
Parliamentarian Rhonda Slocumb


Topic Discussion Decision/Action Person Responsible Effective or Due Date


Meeting was called to order by Ann Hallock, President of GANE.

Rhoda Slocomb will be presiding as Parliamentarian. Ann recognized the board members, especially Susan Welch for her contributions as past president.


Margie Johnson was asked to serve as Historian and attempt to find any information that could be used to give a history of the organization.

Ann, Margie, and Mel will work on identifying the 25 annual conference as a special event for GANE.

Ann, Margie, and Mel 2/19/16
Recognition of the Board Past President- Susan Welch

Vice President- Margie Johnson

Secretary- Debbie Amason

Treasurer- Susan Ashford

Consumer member- Mel Buck

Director at Large- Lourdes Cody

Atlanta Regional Director- Germika Brandon

Northeast Regional Director- Carol Bowdoin

Northwest Regional Director- Opal Schlict

Southeast Regional Director- Chrissy Dent

Southwest Regional Director- Rhonda Slocumb

Central Regional Director- Donna Ingram

GANS Liaison- Terri Worthy

Planning Committee- Pam Mahan

Strategic Planning- Sharon Chalmers

By-Laws- Helen Taggart

Marketing and Public Relations- Ellen Elder

Awards and Scholarships- Elizabeth Boatwright

Nominating- Jaime Carter

Simulation Alliance- Lourdes Cody


Jaime Carter is a new member to GANE has done an outstanding job with the Nominating Committee.

Rhonda Slocumb discussed the fact that one registration was given away for clinical facilities.

Ann Presented certificates of appreciation to all board members and the chairs of the committees for their work done during the past year.


Special recognition for the ad hoc committee within the Marketing and Public Relations chaired by Ellen Elder that developed the electronic voting system and did a reorganization of membership.



Standing Committee Reports  

Susan Ashford- Finance

Balance Sheet- $180,804.02

Budget sheet will be put up on web site for everyone to see.

Internal audits will be done with the tax experts we are hiring. Unsure as to when that will happen.

By-Laws– Helen Taggart unavailable. Report given by Ann Hallock.

All of the By Laws were approved by the membership per the electronic ballot. Marketing/Public Relations– Ellen Elder

Thanked everyone for attending conference. They are taking lots of pictures to utilize in newsletter. Susan Welch will assume role of chair for this committee for 2016-17.

Send any pictures or articles to Susan for submission in the newsletter. Hope to publish newsletter every quarter.

Strategic Planning– The 2015-17 Strategic Plan  was printed and posted for display during the conference.


Ann Hallock reviewed the organization’s purpose and mission, values and functions, strategic goals, and program initiatives for 2015-2016.

The Board will meet in June to update the Plan for 2016-17 with the focus to continue on the promotion of collaboration between academic and clinical education, increased opportunities for GANE membership, and support for student work. Sharon Chalmers will facilitate the Board in the activity.


Scholarships and Awards- Elizabeth Boatwright reported a successful year for recognizing student and faculty scholarship and service to the community and schools. GANE doubled the awards for undergraduate recipients to 2 each.

There was only 1 graduate recipient

Added 4 new awards:

Innovation in Teaching

Innovation in Clinical Teaching- No applicants

Research- no applicants

Excellence in Teaching- no applicants

GNA Liaison– Pauline Nelson

Pauline will stepping down and Linda O’Sullivan will be assuming the role for next year. Strategic Goals for the next year are as follows:

  1. Organizing structure is to work with one voice with the local chapters.
  2. Participate in a professional development day.
  3. Leadership committee- develop a residence program for ne graduates
  4. Platform- legislative day. Have been very active with special legislation

GANS Liaison- Terri Worthy reported on GANS activity for the year and placed literature on all tables to promote student activity in the Council of School Leaders in May. Theme is Advancing Adventures.

October 6-8 GANS Convention in Athens.

Terri will remain in her position until next year.

Director at Large- Lourdes Cody has just finished a 2 year term of DAL. Joan Carlisle is incoming. Lourdes presented a map of the GANE regions on a PPT slide for the membership’s information. Work will continue with each region to improve communication and integration of all schools and other healthcare facilities to promote GANE mission and purpose. The goal for 2016 will be to realign the regions if needed and continue to develop a tool box for the Regional Directors. Each regional director is asked to work together to lead or sponsor at least one activity in each region annually.


2015-2016 exemplar was in the Metro Atlanta region. Germika Brandon- held an NCLEX review at Grady Hospital for graduating seniors with over 200 attending.


Planning Committee- Pam Mahan

Thanks to everyone for attending, especially since this is the first year at a new venue.

Report as follows:


Podium presenters= 42

Posters= 17

Vendors= 30 ( only 29 showed)









































Elizabeth asked all members to remember the call for nominations next fall and to nominate outstanding colleagues and students for these prestigious awards.





















































Election Results


Debbie Amason announced the new Board members for 2016;

President Elect- Donna Ingram

Vice President- Margie Johnson

Northwest Director- Tammy McClenny

Southwest Director- Rhonda Slocumb

Central Director- Holly Hollis

Director at Large- Joan Carlisle

Nominating Committee- Katie Morales (Chair)


Kim Hare

Jennifer Weeks

Pam Mahan

Opportunities Ann Discussed the many opportunities for professional development with GANE. There will be signup sheets available at the GANE table for anyone who would like to volunteer to be on one of the committees for next year.      
 Meeting was adjourned at 1045 by Ann Hallock.





·   Nominating

(10 mins)

Shall consist of 4 members ELECTED by membership with chair being the candidate with the majority of votes. Report (nominations) provided to secretary at least 45 days prior to annual meeting.

Signed –up at 2015 Conference:


Janet Owens
Pauline Nelson
Vanessa Hicks
Desiree Hicks Huffman
Melissa Lawrimore
Renee Hightower
Jaime Carter

A discussion was had regarding this year’s dilemma of not having an elected committee. It was proposed that we go with the sign-up committee for this year only. Susan Welch recommended Jaime Carter as Chair. Susan will work with the committee as Board representative. It was proposed that Jaime and Susan identify three additional committee members from the sign-up.

Ann Hallock identified the slots for 2016 elections:- PE (noted that this election will be held for 2016 since Donna Ingram was voted into office in 2015.

-NW Director

-Central Director

-SW Director

-At-large Director



-Nominating  (4)

Ann Hallock asked that the committee consider a time at the conference to hold a “Meet and Greet” so that potential candidates for the 2017 ballot may learn about GANE elected positions and responsibilities.



Susan will ask Jaime Carter to contact other volunteers for other 3 members.

Jaime Carter agreed to chair Nominating committee.

Janet Owens and Pauline Nelson have been removed from the committee.

The Board will vote on approval of the committee at an upcoming Board meeting.



Susan Welch

Jaime Carter

Late summer Board meeting
·   *Awards and Scholarships

(5 mins)


*as amended in By laws but not voted on.

Consists of at least 3 members , chair appointed by Board, APPC chair and Director at Large serves as ex-officio…distribute, publicize and select recipients as directed in By laws for GANE scholarships and awards.


Signed –up at 2015 Conference:

Tonya Tyson
Pamela Horvath
Krista LaRussa
Dotty Gabrels
Nan Chadwick
Cynthia Payne
Jessica Willcox
David Wade
Pauline Nelson
Matthew Roberts
Shelly Crager
Amy Farmer
Elizabeth Boatwright
Stephanie Belim
Cassandra Wyatt
Rita Mahmoud
Joyce Barknight-Gant
Karen Massiah

Elizabeth Boatwright will be asked to chair the committee and ask her to recruit additional members from the sign-up but to ensure representation from each region.

Discussion was held regarding increasing marketing for the awards and scholarships and consideration to increase amounts of scholarships. The board clearly voiced that expectations of winners must be enhanced with increased dollars.

The Board requests a report to be made at an upcoming Board meeting concerning committee membership, process for marketing and publicity plan, proposal for increasing awards and scholarships, and expansion for awards and scholarship plans.


Ann Hallock will contact Elizabeth regarding chairmanship and charge.


Ann Hallock

Elizabeth Boatright

July 2015
·   ByLaws

(45 mins)

Bylaw committee consists of at least 3 members, chair appointed by Board and VP serving as ex-officio…duties to review, draft revisions as directed for Board and membership approval.


Officers of the 2015 Board of Directors meet on March 24, 2015 for review of current Bylaws (approved 2/17/2012) in anticipation of forming new committees and providing direction for needed amendments. It was established at the March meeting that and confirmed in follow-up with S. Welch that work on amendments began in 2013 but changes were not taken to the Board and never voted on by membership.


A detained review was undertaken by the officers present based on the 2013 drafted changes by those present: S. Ashford, M. Johnson, A. Hallock, M. Buck as consultant. In lieu of 3/27/15 attendance, S. Welch and A. Hallock reviewed the Bylaws and findings on 4/9/2015. A summary of findings and recommendations has been sent to all Board members in preparation for this meeting.

Signed up at Conference:

Laura Phillips
Helen Taggart
Kylie Yearwood
Charlotte Swint
Nancy Cappone
Sandy Blair
Christy Berding


The Board reviewed the track changes to the present Bylaws.

It was proposed that Helen Taggart be asked to chair this committee and contact others on the sign-up to work with her to officially bring the changes to the Board for approval to go on the 2016 ballot.

Ann Hallock will be the Board rep on this committee.

Susan Welch and Lourdes Cody will contact Karen Rawls and Germika Brown to get assistance on defining the role of the Nursing Practice Liaison and will bring a report to the next Board meeting through the new chair.




Ann Hallock

Helen Taggart

Late summer Board meeting


  • Strategic Planning


(60 mins)



Shall consist of at least 3 members, chair appointed by Board…update strategic plan and provide report to board on implementation and progress toward accomplishing goals.


Per P/P Manual Strategic Plan is due 24 weeks after Annual Meeting…Due August 14, 2015.


It is proposed by officers to institute the following strategic planning process to be implement ted by Strategic Planning Committee:

  • The chairperson shall facilitate a bi-annual strategic planning process with the Board to establish and/or revise/update strategic goals.
  • The committee will facilitate an annual planning process with the Regional Directors and Director at Large to identify strategic programmatic and communication initiatives toward meeting the strategic goals set by the Board.
  • The Strategic Planning Committee shall provide an annual report to the Board regarding progress towards meeting strategic goals.







Signed –up at 2015 Conference:

Sharon Chalmers
Yvonne Smith
Kris Douglass
Cathy Dyche
Katie Morales

The Board discussed the proposed planning process and draft of SP template for 2016-2017 SP

The Board worked together to identify desired outcomes for new SP.

A motion was made and carried to accept the SS process as proposed along with the draft template. In search of an experienced planner, an email will go out to those on the sign-up requesting mention of SS experience. Margie Johnson will assist Ann Hallock with identifying chair.

The Board identified the following as desired  outcomes for 2015-2017 SP:

  1. Promotion of nursing education research: educational, simulation, dissertation, project for BSN, DNP and MSN, and clinical research.
  2. Promotion of collaboration between academic and clinical education.
  3. Increase opportunities for membership service and scholarship.

Regional Directors will begin work on “Tool Box” for regional development. The first output will be an updated list of schools and hospitals in each region.





Ann Hallock

Lourdes Cody

July 2015
Announcements/ Next Meeting The late summer Board meeting will be in late July early August by conference call.

Simulation Alliance

Regional Directors



Conference Committee

Strategic Planning

Marketing and PR

Meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.

Send Doodle poll for defining next meeting. Ann Hallock