Strategic Plan

Assessing, leading, supporting, and collaborating for Georgia nurses and our communities.

2015-2016 Strategic Plan

Rational Strategic Foci
Like all professional organizations in the business of healthcare and education, The Georgia Association for Nursing Education (GANE) finds itself in constant need of looking inward and forward for improvement and growth to fulfill its mission/purpose. Our strategic plan will guide us in those efforts as we seek to meet the needs of the organization and our communities we serve.
  1. By-laws: review and update
  2. Standing committees: review structure, function, and responsibility.
  3. Finance: maintain fiscal accountability
  4. Education: strengthen regionally and grow annual conference.
  5. Membership: growth in depth and breath
  6. Research: support academic and clinical
  7. Scholarship and service: increase member opportunities.
  8. Regional areas: broaden impact and collaboration.


Mission/Purpose 2015-2017 Goals
GANE exists to: promote excellence in nursing education within the state of Georgia.
(Articles of Incorporation, GANE 2004)
  1. Establish electronic voting process for 2016 elections.
  2. Vote on By-law changes at the 2016 annual meeting.
  3. Identify 2-3 strategic initiatives in each region that support Strategic Desired Outcomes.
Core Values/Functions Strategic Programs and Initiatives 2015-2017
  1. Assess the needs of Georgia nurse educators and nurses.
  2. Initiate, stimulate and support nursing education at clinical and academic levels.
  3. Participate in and promote nursing research that is designed to address nursing education and healthcare needs.
  4. Collaborate with nursing and other professional groups to positively influence nursing education, nursing regulation, and healthcare delivery.
    (Articles of Incorporation, GANE 2004)
  1. Regional Directors to begin initiatives to construct a “Tool Box” to support regional development.
  2. Review and update by-laws to support changes and growth of the organization.
  3. Review current financial status and operations and revise by-laws/ policies and procedures as relevant.
  4. Revise membership renewal process and accounting.
Desired Outcomes of Strategic Plan
  1. Promotion of: nursing education and clinical research; simulation expansion; support for dissertation and project/thesis work and dissemination in graduate and undergraduate education.
  2. Promotion of collaboration between academic and clinical education.
  3. Increase opportunities for membership service and scholarship.