Strategic Plan

GANE 2017-2019 Strategic Plan


The purpose of the Georgia Association for Nursing Education is to promote excellence in nursing education within the state of Georgia.
1.      Assess the needs of Georgia nurse educators and nurses.
2.      Initiate, stimulate and support nursing education at clinical and academic levels, both formally and informally, thereby addressing the healthcare needs of Georgia’s citizenry.
3.      Participate in and promote nursing research at the local and state level that is designed to address nursing education and healthcare needs.
4.      Collaborate with nursing and other professional groups to positively influence nursing education, nursing regulation and healthcare delivery.
➢      Update website
     ·   Include relevant info for members
     ·   Links to CEUs
     ·   Calendar of regional/state meetings and offerings
➢      Focus on regional offerings
     ·   provide resources
     ·   provide support to regional leaders
➢     Collaborate with other nursing professional groups to influence nursing education
     ·   open dialogue with other organizations
➢      Continue to assess the perceived needs of membership annually
Desired Outcomes*
➢      Improved communication with members throughout the year
➢      Increased regional offerings to include the promotion of GANE
➢      Collaboration with at least one other nursing organization to promote nursing education
➢      Address membership needs as appropriate
 *as expressed by membership in annual survey