he Georgia Association for Nursing Education (GANE) offers three nursing scholarships for students enrolled in Georgia’s nursing programs. These include:

  • LUCY WILLARD Scholarship which is given to an Associate Degree or Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Student
  • SARAH HELEN KILLGORE Scholarship which is given to an Associate Degree or Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Student
  • SPILLMAN-BISCHOFF Scholarship which is given to a Graduate Nursing Student

The amounts of the scholarships depend on the interest earned on the scholarship accounts for the previous year. The amount is never less than $500. The scholarship is for a one time award.

The Georgia Association for Nursing Education collaborates with the Georgia Nurses Association (GNA) and the Georgia Nurses Foundation (GNF) in the scholarship awards. The Nurses Foundation coordinates the call for scholarship applications and plans a scholarship committee meeting between the 3 involved entities. One representative from GANE, GNA and GNF attend the scholarship committee meetings, score the applications and determines who will receive the 5 designated scholarships (3 of which belong to GANE).

Once the scholarship recipients are determined, the information is provided to the Board of Directors for GANE. The board determines the amount of each scholarship based on the earned income for the previous year. The president then sends out a congratulatory letter to the recipient along with a check for the scholarship amount. The scholarship recipients are invited to the annual GANE meeting that occurs in February each year. The recipients are announced at the meeting, and if present, are invited to say a few words to those attending the meeting.

While the GANE web site maintains the scholarship criteria and the application, potential recipients should go the Georgia Nurses Foundation web site (since they coordinate the committee) for the latest information regarding application due dates and other required information to send in along with the application.

Should an applicant have questions they can contact either the Georgia Nurses Foundation or email any of the Board of Directors for GANE (board list on GANE web site).